Friday, January 5, 2007

Valuation of Asiatic Group

As promised, this is the satistics of the Asiatic Group.

  1. Date of evaluation: 04-Jan-07
  2. Price: $0.19
  3. Current Ratio: 0.76
  4. Debt/Total Equity Ratio: 0.96
  5. Operating Profit: 7.4%
  6. PE ratio: 9.3
  7. Net Tangible Assets: $0.25
  8. Earning Per Share: $0.02 (projected)
  9. What I like about this company: Please see previous post.
  10. What I do not like about this company: Please see previous post

Best of luck to your investing!

Warm regards,

Fu Chin

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Ken Chee said...

Dear Fu Chin, I am very happy to know that you are keen in value investing too.

There is an important thing to note as a value investor, beware of just depending on figures from the annual reports only. Real business result come from real market. Hence, it would be important to do what Philip Fishers call, "Scuttlebutt" strategy.

Ask the CEO/CFO about their business. Ask their competitors. Ask their ex-staff. Ask their suppliers. Ask their clients! You will be surprised how much stuff is not reveal in the annual report. :)

I did it for SGX 3 years ago after their new CEO took over. I am reaping the benefit now.

Good luck.

P/S: By the way, you do know that I have a value investing master mind group? Let me know if you are keen to join.

Ken Chee
You "Ken" do it!

Lim Fu Chin said...

Hi Ken,

Good evening! :)

Thanks for your kind advice and sharing of this tip! I am very happy for you too, that you are reaping the benefit! :)

Thanks for the invite to join your mastermind group! It is a great honour that I would have to decline for now (I am holding a full time job now).

You would not want me to jeopardize the functions of your mastermind group, would you? :x

Happy investing!

Warm regards,
Fu Chin
Value Investment Blog:

Anonymous said...

Hi Fu Chin and Ken Chee, I am pleased with your postings.

Personally, I feel that this company has potential to grow given that it is the first Singapore company to be awarded projects by the Cambodian government.

I am a shareholder of this company for the past 3 years and has watched this company grow and developed new areas of revenue and earnings grow.

I chose to ignore my friends' warnings of avoiding this counter because of its very low trading volumes. So now I have found one hidden gem.

All the best to your investments. And to Fu Chin, hope that we can reap our rewards of investing in Asiatic.