Sunday, January 14, 2007

Value Investment on Singapore Stock Exchange - A wise piece of advice (non-stock related)

Value Investment on Singapore Stock Exchange - A wise piece of advice (non-stock related)

After reading the earlier postsings, a good friend of mine decided to share with me a piece of good advice.

It is very wise and I cannot help, but seek his permission to publish it and share it with you...

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Yo Boss,

Thanks for replying man! :)

Your reply means a lot to me, taking into consideration how busy you are! =p I will definitely heed your wise advice!

To assure you....46% of my investment pot (~10k only) is now in the form of cash.

In the market now, there seems to be no good bargain buys!

Once again, I really appreciate your kind replies and please keep them coming.

Do you mind, if I post your reply into my blog? I DO NOT want people to lose their S-class, house and most importantly their WIFE & KIDS, after reading my blog! :)

Thank you boss! :)

Warm regards,
Fu Chin

--- Jason <> wrote:
Hello brother

I saw many of your postings regarding investment in stocks and shares……

Brother…..not trying to be a wet blanket…but be very very very careful……

I remembered the years 1995 to 1997 …market was hot, everything’s hot…property etc…I was only 30 years old, already made my 1st million…money was good. I invested or rather speculated in the share market.

I was reckless….burnt myself badly ….lost a Mercedes S class equivalent amount of money…became heavily geared, credit cards maxed out..

Would have lost my terrace house which I am staying now if not becos I decided to bite the bullet and cut losses….nearly lost my marriage too.

Just a brotherly advice…..if u are careful, did your homework, investment mindset instead of speculative, by all means invest within your means…

Otherwise….be careful. Trade within your means.

I facilitated marriage prep classes and attended building strong marriages classes last time …..
5 components :

- Roles of husband and wife

- Conflict management

- Communication

- Sexual Intimacy

- And most importantly “Financial Management” in a marriage….

In all my experience with the couples or my own marriage …financial management is the most critical.

In everything… the advice of your spouse…..a marriage needs to be transparent and both husband and wife must be comfortable with the investment …..

It was a painful path for me the last time…….which is why i felt compelled to write this email to you.


Scream for me if u need someone to talk to…or scream at me if u think I am talking nonsense!



Charles Ong said...

Hello, was scrolling thru my sms and remembered abt your blog

Pretty interesting, having a blog on investments. I'm also interested but recently cashflow not too good, so haven't been in the market. Just holding a portfolio of UTs

Couldn't agree more with your friend's email. In many relationships, a major determinant of how good they are is $$$. If you have $$$, pple generally give you more credit and respect.

Have not been actively researching on stocks recently, but I was just starting some research on REITS, like Babcock and Brown Structured Fund. Was attracted to the yield, thou haven't found out abt the risks and rewards. Will share with you if I get about to researching as well as you have done so far!

Will visit your site more often or when I have the time. Can only do it at home cos office policy restricts blogs.


Lim Fu Chin said...

Hi Charles!

Thanks for visiting and sharing your comments. :)

Great to hear that you are researching on other investment instruments!

Do let me know when you are ready to share, I would be more than happy to share your opinions via this platform.

Warm regards,
Fu Chin
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