Monday, February 26, 2007

Link to an interesting website - Ask Dr Money

Link to an interesting website - Ask Dr Money

This is a wonderful website which I stumbled sometime back. It is very pro-consumers. Hope you find it useful! :)

Warm regards,

Fu Chin

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Anonymous said...

made any new purchases?

Lim Fu Chin said...

Hi Aragorn,

Thanks for asking. :)

Since my last sale of Straits Trading at $4.40 on 23-Feb, I only added BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC Class B Shares at $3510 to my portfolio.

I have to admit it is more of an emotional buy than anything else.

I am looking forward to the guru's 2006 Annual Report, which is scheduled to be posted on BERKSHIRE website on March 1, 2007.

For your info, the website is at:

Warm regards,
Fu Chin

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