Saturday, November 17, 2007

Asiatic Group Holdings - Half Year Financial Statement

Asiatic Group Holdings - Half Year Financial Statement

Outstanding piece of work! :)

(link opens another window to SGX website on the statement)

My thoughts:

1. Its a growth story... I think it is just the beginning... and I hope the management will be watchful about the corresponding increase in expenses...

2. Interesting operating cashflow... The next financial statement for 2H-08 would see whether it is sustainable...

3. Its asset is another interesting find... almost 50% of its assets (~ $33.8 mil) is fixed property / equipment. Another 25% of it (~ $16.9 mil) came from long term finance, rights and bond issues... hope it does'nt need this type of funding in future, always better to use its own cash for expansion... just my opinion...

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