Monday, June 18, 2007

Fun Quiz: Am I a Stock Market Junkie (yet)?

The following is an informal and fun quiz. Please do not take it as a serious guide / advice. So, just relax and have fun 'playing'...


Read through the following questionaire and note down the number of Yes / True as you go down the list. The scoring table is at the end of this questionaire.

  1. I check the stock market & share prices every 5 minutes or less. Anything less, I become physchologically unsecured.
  2. One of my webpage is permanently fixed on either ChannelNewsAsia Finance, Philips Stock Brokerage, Kim Eng Stock Brokerage, Yahoo!Finance, CNBC Finance, MSN Finance and / or any other website that has news relating to the stock market.
  3. I do not know what is the underlying business for the stock and anyway, I think it does not matter!
  4. I know all that is to know about SGX rules for shorting the stock market.
  5. I bought the stock with the intention to sell for a quick buck. Hey, almost everybody is doing it, isnt it?
  6. Everyday evening and / or morning, I 'researched' the shares to 'play' in the newspapers, including StraitsTimes, Business Times, myPaper, etc.
  7. Hey, I'm investing, not gambling! It is different, just that I have a short investing horizon, i.e. intra-day and / or intra-week, that's all!
  8. I take leave to stay at home to trade shares. It is a relaxing hobby. And furthermore, I might make some monies!
  9. Sometimes, I dream about a particular stock and it really run up the next day(s)! I am starting to suspect I have some kind of psychic abilities in the Stock Market!
  10. I started borrowing money so that I can continue to be in this game. Hey, it is just cash flow. I would payback, plus interest soon!

Scoring Table

How many Yes / True do you have? See the score table below:

  1. 1 - 3 : Mildly addicted, please see recommendation 1 below.
  2. 4 - 7 : Seriously addicted, please see recommendation 2 below.
  3. 8 - 10 : Extremely addicted, please see recommendation 2 below.

Recommendation 1
Please take time to consult a professional for further assessment. Some local organization that may offer help are:

  1. Care Corner Counselling: 1800-6-668-668
  2. Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society: 1800-X-Gamble (1800-9-426253)
  3. Institute of Mental Health, Community Addictions Management Programme (CAMP): 6389-2387 / 6389-2389 /

Recommendation 2
Please seriously consider recommendation 1.

Information sources

  1. FAQ About Problem Gambling -
  2. He Never Saw The Sun - day traders who became addicted to buying and selling stock -

Disclaimer: The author of this article is NOT trained in any formal physchology or stock market courses, not even the most fundamental type of courses. So, read and take the actions at your own risks.


Rodrigo said...
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Alle said...

I was searching something abt the investment over the Net, & I saw your blog.
Haha.. this post of yours is hillarious!

Lim Fu Chin said...

Hi Alle,

I'm not too sure how to reply to your comments... :)

As long as it helps (with your investment research and / or make someone smile), I think it's fine... =)

Warm regards,