Sunday, June 10, 2007

Top 10 things to do when the market is not going according to your direction!

Top 10 things to do when the market is not going according to your direction!

10. Cry out loud (1-3 times maximum) and hit myself on the chest (for 10 times maximum) for being such a fool to listen to rumours.

9. Start to make plans to recover from the mess, i.e. start making the list of who to call to borrow $$$. If need to, visit Credit Counselling Singapore at

8. Promise myself never to bet on the stock market again. Repeat this step again for as many times as I like (no maximum).

7. Go and catch a movie that has nothing to do with the stock market, possible candidates are Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean.

6. Go for a jog in McRitchie reservoir - take in some fresh air.

5. Take the MRT train - look around and appreciate that I am already much more fortunate than many people around me.

4. Tell myself it is not the end of the world, it is just a small test that I can handle. After the ordeal, I will be a much better person and live on to tell the tales many years after.

3. Take stock of my skills, knowledge and experience - i.e. how can I help solve problem and get paid for it!

2. Go get a honest job and start earning my worth. Look into JobStreet -, JobsDB - and ST701 -

1. Draw strength from family - they still need and want me to be around, no matter how much trouble I'm in.

* - Re-look at the list above and arrange the items in an order that will help me!

Warm regards,
Fu Chin

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ChartMan said...

Hi, happen to drop by, great information u hv here. i m a fellow investor/trader in the local market. Free free to drop by my site for discussion.

by the way, ur name is similar to someone i know in 41SAR, do u happen to be the person i noe?

Thanks and see you!

Lim Fu Chin said...

Hi chartman,

the information you requested is getting sensitive lar...

drop me a personal email... will chat with you further... ;)

warm regards,

cottasofia said...

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